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Misc: Un Ferrari de 3 milioane$

Acest Ferrari costa peste 3 milioane de dolari!

Creata de Pininfarina dupa modelul clasic Ferrari 330 P3/4, un simbol al anilor ’60, masina a fost comandata de James Glickenhaus, un colectionar din New York, fost regizor de film si magnat al bursei.

Mai multe detalii despre aceasta masina gasiti aici.


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  1. mnz | psihopatu' din '96 | aka slimr says:

    prea arata a mclaren.p.s. not a ferrari fan.mclaren all the way

  2. Bobo says:

    M-as da o tura cu el prin gropile de la noi 🙂

  3. S says:

    Prima impresie a lui james glickenhaus… se pare ca masina isi merita banii. Si cand te gandesti cat de incantat am plecat de la expozitia Ferrari de la Prisma de acum 2 ani…She was sitting in the sun when we pulled up. Seeing her outside with a PROVA Plate attached to her tail took all of this to a new level. We walked around her slowly admiring her lines and the interior that was starting to come together. We slipped in, strapped down, and set off. The first thing I noticed was that the reduction in front overhang made a huge difference compared to the Enzo. The next thing was the panoramic vision through her fighter cockpit greenhouse. Her newly sculpted interior seemed very roomy as we pulled out of the driveway without any problem and turned onto the road. You’ve heard the expression “Traffic Stopping”? This time it really did. Even The Sport bike stopped and let us enter the road. The Babe on the Back looked over and down as we pulled by. She smiled and slowly raised her thumb straight up. We were running without ABS or traction control because the computer hadn’t yet been programed for the new sized wheels and tires. We were also running in low downforce mode because one of the actuator motors hadn’t awoken properly from its three-year sleep. The amount of engineering to get to this point boggles the mind and The Pininfarina Special Project Team continues to amaze me with their ability to meet all of these challenges. I’m also very happy to report that Ferrari is very pleased and is giving full technical support as well. We continued on to the secondary road and set off. Pininfarina had already put on a few hundred test miles and reported all was well so when it came time to pass I rolled on the throttle and felt the hand of God push me back into the seat. You immediately feel just how light she is. The brakes are SUPER and the wider tires really grip. The suspension feels great as it works and the motor sings. When you get to 3000rpm the exhaust shunts to the new system and it sounds like that the horn that blows before the Four Horsemen ride into view. We headed to the Autostrada and put her though a few gears as we left the toll gate. The Video Jesse shot from the chase vehicle is unlike any I’ve seen. P 4/5 pulls away and vanishes into the distance like an F 16 launching from a carrier deck. As she vanished the only thing than seemed strange is that she was still on the earth not standing on her tail in afterburner mode shooting towards the heavens…