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Ce proiecte au fost lansate la Launch48 UK

Ma uit la lista cu start-up-uri lansate la Launch48 in UK si imi vin tot felul de idei in minte. Pacat ca nu pot participa si eu, fiind implicat in organizare, dar daca le vrea cineva… Cel mai mult mi-au placut: Zzzappa,, Commutably si Buqoo (care aduce cu o idee pe care vroiam sa o fac cu Viorel Spinu la inceputul anului).

SpotEvents will use all the available channels of mobile phones ( sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype, camera, NFC, Smart Apps, voice ) to be able to interact with the event they attend to participate in audience response programs, enter competitions, receive session reminders, request digital brochures, create a digital show bag etc”

The app helps users to find places to go and plans an itinerary to allow enough time to enjoy different places and travel between them

Adventure Urban
An unique city adventuring mobile application that aims to expose you to people, places and experiences that would otherwise go completely unnoticed!

Compare The Universities allows prospective students to fully investigate their options for attending universities by aggregating information about each university, programme of study, and associated tuition fees.

For those who love to run and travel this is a one stop site. Arrive in a new city and keen for safe routes to go running? Look no further. he run2see mobile app harnesses the inbuilt GPS in smartphones to provide users with the safest running routes nearby.

Social Catalogue
Find products and services in your local area, compare prices, and read reviews from other users.

Choose a date and time to have information delivered in the form of a phone call, which in turn acts as an alarm clock service. Consider being called by a hotel receptionist with a morning wake up call, but then that person also provided you with a quick update on local weather and traffic reports, the news headlines, and perhaps even the number of unread emails you have.
Find a co-founder for your business idea. With expert mentoring from a representative of Lovestruck, the team built a matching system to pair up people looking for projects to work on.

Middleware for any service that needs to know travel times instead of distance. Charging per block of calls to the API. Possible uses for this technology include searching for property to buy or rent based on commute times.

An overhaul to the traditional dreary and unhelpful careers advice system. The team built a content management system that allows users to browse jobs and career paths, but accessing richer information about those prospects in the form of “a day in the life of a…”.

A dashboard for SMEs to better utilise the web. There are 4 aspects to the service – Chatter Intelligence, Reputation Shield, Customer Connections and Blink Promotions.

Poti participa si tu la Launch48 Romania cu o idee. Daca esti programator si designer, vino sa vezi cum se construieste un start-up, participand intr-o echipa. Totul se desfasoara in 48 de ore (6-7 decembrie).