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Online: De ce digitalul e mai bun

Iain Tait, strateg si creativ la Poke London si in curand vorbitor in Bucuresti la Idea Forum, a terminat recent o serie de 10 posturi sub titulatura “10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising”. Iata-le!

  1. You don’t have to do advertising
  2. You can just do stuff
  3. Because you can ‘just do it’ a spirit of entrepreneurialism prevails
  4. Egos are marginally smaller
  5. TV isn’t all that good
  6. Maybe there’s less to lose?
  7. You don’t have to work somewhere with 5 old blokes’ names above the door
  8. Online Audiences
  9. I secretly want to be an inventor
  10. Working with a bunch of people who ‘get it’